How it Works

A standard foundation for any project

In order for CSS packages to work across multiple sites, Kolache provides a predictable baseline. This is made up of four parts:

  1. Normalize.css
  2. A standardized set of theme variables
  3. A minimal set of non-opinionated base styles
  4. PreCSS (as standardized set of PostCSS plugins)

Because this setup is standard, any Kolache package can depend on it; thus it can be used in any project that uses Kolache. This baseline is configurable and non-opinionated enough that it can work for any CSS project.


Kolache automatically injects normalize.css at the beginning of your stylesheet. If you already have Normalize on your page, you can skip this step by passing the includeNormalize: false option in your PostCSS config.

Theme Variables

Kolache packages rely on a set of set of pre-defined Sass-style variables (e.g. $color-primary). These are all defined in a theme stylesheet. A theme stylesheet must define values for all of these variables.

The first line of your stylesheet should import the theme you wish to use:

@import "kolache/core/theme";

See the Themes page for a detailed look at how Kolache themes work.

Base styles

Immediately after importing a theme, you should import the base styles:

@import "kolache/core/theme";
@import "kolache/core/base";

This uses the theme variables to apply some basic styling, such as heading fonts, link colors, and some other common base styles (including global border-box sizing). It is not strictly required, but it is highly recommended.

If you are putting multiple stylesheets on a page, this only needs to be included in one of them.


After importing all packages into your stylesheet, Kolache then runs it through PreCSS plugin pack. This way, all packages can rely on a common set of plugins like variable processing, nested selectors, and other Sass-like features.

Not included: Autoprefixer and minifier

Kolache does not run your CSS through Autoprefixer. It is strongly recommended that you add this to the end of your PostCSS plugin list, as well as a minifier such as cssnano. Kolache’s core packages are written without vendor prefixes.

This is not included so you can add other PostCSS plugins into your build chain after Kolache but before Autoprefixer.