Getting Started

Install and setup Kolache


Kolache is available on npm.

$ npm install kolache


Kolache is a PostCSS plugin. Choose whichever PostCSS runner suits your workflow:

CLI, webpack, gulp, grunt, browserify, or any other PostCSS runner.

If you use postcss-cli, for example, you can run Kolache from the console or as an npm script:

postcss --use kolache -c postss.config.js -o public/styles.css src/index.css

What is PostCSS?

PostCSS is a tool for transforming your CSS. It’s similar to CSS preprocessors such as Sass and Less, except it is plugin-based. Read more here.

It’s installed! Now what?

Start writing some CSS!

Begin your stylesheet by importing a theme and the base styles. See How it Works for more on this.

@import "kolache/core/theme";
@import "kolache/core/base";

With that in place, you can start importing and customizing packages, or write styles of your own.